Thursday, March 5, 2009


Monday, February 23, 2009

My long hair

My hair was longer than this when I cut it in 2005. It was in the middle of the calf of my legs. I loved it but it got too hard to care for. I still have the cuttings and plan to root one of my good quality dolls with it. I will never pass that way again.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Daddy's Army Coat

This is Daddy's Army coat from 1943-1946.

He kept it all of these years.
Pictured in the coat in the early 1980's are my
two sons and daddy. He was so proud of it.

Our Flag

Our American Flag

No matter what
No matter where
Our American Flag
Always hangs there.
In rain or shine
In sleet or snow
It stands for freedom
It'll always blow.
Steve just hung this new one
The other got tatterd and torn
We won't do without one
Cause our home it does adorn.
I think of all the men who died
Gave their lives for the US
So the least I can do in return
Is hang the flag in memory of this.

Jeanne Burdette

Pic taken 2-22-2009

Lantern Tree

I an curious if anyone knows anything about this Copper Lantern Candle Tree. I can't find any writing or name on it as to where it came from or what company it is made by. It is very heavy and sturdy. The lanterns have a little door that opens up on them to light the candles, then shuts back and locks. It is beautiful, and wouldn't you just know that I bought it at the mission thrift store.

Steve's cat !

Chancy Grey Burdette

This is my cat, Callie Co Burdette